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Progress is – allegedly – the opposite of Congress. Today is the first sign of either since not long after I got this Wonders of WordPress hosting account.

I threw a bunch of images into the WordPress install, and called that “progress”. An update here and there, a bit of head-scratching over some page content, but not much progress since the last journal entry.

Procrastination instead of progress.

In the interim, I reworked images such as this one of South Leith Parish Church. The progress with this work is visible in the flag. Although, last time I looked at the spire the church was flying the Red Ensign.


Where's the gunpowder? It's for a vintage flash, ... Honest!

GuidoSite progress

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  • Phil L - October 10, 2017 reply

    Nice one, and great to see the progress made so far 🙂
    Thank you for trusting Wonders of WordPress with your hosting…

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