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This is just before starting on “stage two” of developing an image for print. I take multiple shots of a subject, and “stage one” is developing those from digital negatives and combining them.

That process usually takes up to a half-day.

The above two images – my starting point for “stage two” – show one version blended for rich, almost over-saturated, colour. The other is for high detail.

Next, those then go through several open-source (GNU/Linux) image manipulation programs. Nothing gets touched by Photoshop. For a simple scene that’s probably going to be at least another day’s work to produce a multi-layered image file for printing at around A3 size. Sometimes, that’s the starting point for an even-more complex set of edits to emphasise specific details. That can involve up to a week’s work depending on the edits needed.

So, in other words, these two images could be more than a week away from being completed. Nothing when compared to the larger panoramic images I produce. Those can take more than a week to get to “stage two”.


Where's the gunpowder? It's for a vintage flash, ... Honest!

GuidoStarting a piece

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