The Tubes, live in Edinburgh

The Tubes

I know, it was last November The Tubes played in Edinburgh. Sue me if I only just got round to processing the photos properly, mmkay?

There are tens of thousands of unprocessed photos from gigs in my archives. And, a bunch of much older ones – which are all freely licensed – over on Wikimedia Commons. The Tubes just got lucky, so to speak. I’m running a big enlargement for artwork and needed something to keep me occupied.

A couple of really good friends from Norway were spending a week in Scotland. Catching The Tubes at Edinburgh’s Liquid Room was a bonus for them. Apart from seeing some of Scotland’s scenery, they’d planned their trip around seeing Alice Cooper at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow.

Cooper’s support act was, of course, The Tubes. Who were also playing in Edinburgh the night before. If you’re interested in what the Alice Cooper gig was like, here’s Paul Whitelaw’s review for The Scotsman.

Just couldn’t help laughing at his “The Ken Dodd of Rock” quip.

I’d met up with Kirsten & Jeannie earlier, welcoming them to the Global Capital of Roadworks – also known as Edinburgh. We’d wandered around Leith, letting them see a side of the city many tourists barely know exists.

We met up for a meal and a few drinks before heading to the gig. It was a good one. After the following day’s Alice Cooper gig, they were picking up a hire car in Glasgow and heading north.

You’ll see in the gallery below why I’d only ever call gig photography a hobby. I know several professional photographers in Edinburgh. They make these shots look distinctly amateurish.

No lenses the size of lentils here!

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