Saturday puzzle

Saturday puzzle – Guess where?

Here’s a little Saturday puzzle for you. If you know where it is, maybe keep it to yourself for now?

This is from a piece I’ve nearly finished. I’m hoping putting this up as a little teaser perhaps might entertain. If you recognise the place in Edinburgh immediately, it’ll seem oh-so easy. But, if you’re going “I know where that is!” – but just can’t remember the place name – check back later.

In the meantime, share the post and see if any of your friends are equally stumped.

The answer is coming …

I’ll be posting the answer to my Saturday puzzle later this afternoon. Hopefully, by then, a few test prints should see the final piece tuned for printing.

Since it shouldn’t be much of a clue, the base photographs for this work were taken last Thursday. Then about six hours work on that day –  plus some overnight processing. Subsequently, I followed up spending most of Friday progressing the piece.

The digital enlargement process I use takes hours. So, I’d some spare time to blog up some old gig photos.

And, as this is my second post in as many days, navigating around the internals of the website is getting quicker and easier. But, reminds me I’ve lots of personal touches to add to it. No doubt, eventually, I’ll be asking Wonders of WordPress where a few obscure things are.

Or, how to use features. There certainly don’t seem to be any I can think of missing.


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