Saturday’s puzzle answer

Saturdays’s puzzle answer

Anybody kicking themselves after the puzzler from this morning?

Well, it can hang on my wall for a couple of days before I decide if it gets added to the Leith & Edinburgh North portfolio. Should I decide it’s a reject, I’d probably go out and re-take the base photos

Either way, I’ll have a few test prints of this going begging. Should it survive scrutiny after hanging for a few days, I’ll likely run off a couple of production copies.

That’s assuming I don’t run out of the really expensive paper again.

For those who managed to guess, Saturday’s puzzle answer is Boda bar on Leith Walk. You can probably now be justifiably smug.

Artwork details

One of the beauties of the giclée pre-processing in creating my fine art prints is control over how much ink goes onto the paper. However, “Lots” is a bit of a simple answer. It’s dictated by the resolution of the final work; although, this isn’t as high-resolution as the printer runs.

Like many of my pieces, the finished print is on 300gsm  pure cotton watercolour paper. The digital original/artwork filesize is 1.3GB, giving a print image density around 600 dots per inch. Were it the output from a camera, it’d be comparable to over 60 megapixels. My target print size is 12″ x 18″, but you could easily run it off as large as A1. Any larger and you’d start to lose the depth.

The below excerpts are, from necessity, scaled down from the originals. You can still get a feel for the detail level, though.


Where's the gunpowder? It's for a vintage flash, ... Honest!

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