Cat’s Miaou

Dogs go woof …

And, The Cat’s Miaou is a uniquely pretty little shop on Leith Walk.

There was no denying the broad appeal of the window contents as I set up to take my photos last Saturday. Kids were dragging their parents over to point out the hares in the window. In fact, just about everybody walking past would at least slow down until they’d had a look.

Except, unsurprisingly, the traffic wardens.

This view of The Cat’s Miaou, on Leith Walk, was a “consolation prize”. I’d been intent on photographing somewhere nearby, but the wind was so strong I would’ve seriously risked my tripod tipping over.

Naturally, this was an only marginally less-blustery location. However, I got lucky. I might take another crack at this one sometime. See if I can possibly catch conditions where it’s sunny, but the pavements are still wet. That might-well allow me to produce the same oil-filmed pavements as on my Lindsay and Gilmour, or Valvona & Crolla, images from Elm Row.

Work interrupted …

This isn’t yet a finished piece. I got as far as completing enlargements, and combining that with the ‘secret sauce’ artistic layers. Then, I loaded up the printer with a sheet of A3 photo paper, and hit print. …

Naturally, two minutes into printing and the low ink warning for cyan started flashing. I’ve nine ink cartridges to hand. Of course, none are actually cyan. Sadly, it’ll be towards the end of the week before I can afford to think about ordering another set of eight.


Where's the gunpowder? It's for a vintage flash, ... Honest!

GuidoCat’s Miaou

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