Brothers of Justice, live at Brig Below

Brothers of Justice

It’s been a while since I did any video work, but here’s The Brothers of Justice performing at Brig Below. Shot the video on 16th of May this year.

If you like it, please do subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ll figure out why the posted videos don’t show up in it – eventually.

I did take quite a lot of still photos too, but the lighting in Brig Below is a little low for my poor, old, EOS 400D. Unlike with the Tubes gig, I ended up binning most due to motion blur or being slightly off focus. Maybe next time I’ll get better shots of The Brothers of Justice. If it’s at Brig Below, I’d hope they might get a few footlights in. That would certainly sort the stage lighting issues out.

If you’re searching for other videos I’ve done, you can take a look over on YouTube. They’re all shot using a mobile phone. There’s only so much cleanup – audio or video – you can do with that as a source. I’m sure those with a good ear can hear the overcompression used by the phone on The Brothers of Justice footage. Personally, I’d like to get separate audio and marry the two. It’d certainly be easier than finding the funds to get a semi-professional camera. If you want to help there – hint, hint – the Shop is thattaway. 😉


Where's the gunpowder? It's for a vintage flash, ... Honest!

GuidoBrothers of Justice, live at Brig Below

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