Framing Ramsay Garden, Castlehill

Ramsay Garden, Castlehill

I decided mounting a copy of my view of Ramsay Garden, Castlehill, would be a nice – ‘arty’ – birthday present to myself.

The print is hanging up to dry after spraying with UV-protective varnish. And, will get fitted to mount & frame later on.

You can tell just by looking these are expensive properties. Flats in Ramsay Garden, Castlehill, easily fetch £1 million nowadays. Hard to believe much of this was once student accommodation.

That ended in 1945, when the Town and Gown association sold Ramsay Lodge to the Bank of Scotland’s commercial arm.

Print Details

As usual, here’s some detailed extracts from the final print. Unfortunately, social media sites – such as Facebook – compress uploaded images. So, I always recommend visiting the site to see the best quality versions.

When the final piece is hung, I’ll upload more photos. Then, I need to get copies of the piece added to the shop. You probably don’t want to know the gory details; weighing bits of paper, and working out packaging dimensions.

GuidoFraming Ramsay Garden, Castlehill
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