Sofi’s bar – Upcoming exhibition

Sofi’s bar

Sofi’s bar, on Henderson Street, will be displaying a selection of my work throughout January. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while now, and hope to see a good turnout for the opening.

The exhibition will be a mix of images from Leith and Edinburgh. I’ve quite a few new pieces which only a select few have so far seen. And, I’m hoping to manage a rather nice capture of Sofi’s bar itself in time for the opening – provided I don’t get frostbite taking a good long exposure shot.

When that opening might be depends on when, precisely, the current exhibition in Sofi’s bar ends. As soon as I have that cleared up I’ll be updating this poster design and letting people know. It’s certainly worth a visit too, the pieces on display are quite striking.

Now, there’s one piece I’d encourage folk to make sure they get along to Sofi’s and see during January. And, it’s on canvas. Come and find out what Edinburgh looks like from the 13th Floor.

No need to look for the secret button in a superstitious ‘elevator’.

GuidoSofi’s bar – Upcoming exhibition
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