Starting a piece

Just starting on this

This is just before starting on “stage two” of developing an image for print. I take multiple shots of a subject, and “stage one” is developing those from digital negatives and combining them.

That process usually takes up to a half-day.

The above two images – my starting point for “stage two” – show one version blended for rich, almost over-saturated, colour. The other is for high detail.

Next, those then go through several open-source (GNU/Linux) image manipulation programs. Nothing gets touched by Photoshop. For a simple scene that’s probably going to be at least another day’s work to produce a multi-layered image file for printing at around A3 size. Sometimes, that’s the starting point for an even-more complex set of edits to emphasise specific details. That can involve up to a week’s work depending on the edits needed.

So, in other words, these two images could be more than a week away from being completed. Nothing when compared to the larger panoramic images I produce. Those can take more than a week to get to “stage two”.

GuidoStarting a piece
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Bute House Streetlights

Bute House Streetlights

Bute House in Edinburgh is the official residence of the First Minister, currently Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP.

I captured this image back in February, but hadn’t got around to looking at the RAW files – let alone processing them – until now.

Bute House was taken off the Secretary of State for Scotland – a Westminster politician – in 1999; when the Scottish parliament was reconvened after nearly 300 years.

It’ss one of the ‘showpiece’ buildings of Edinburgh’s New Town. if you’ll pardon the joke – it’s an Adam’s. The city’s Provost commissioned plans for Charlotte Square from Robert Adam in 1791. Dying the following year, others completed the work. As one of the first parts constructed, on the north side of Charlotte Square, Bute House is considered faithful to the designs drawn up by Adams.

Edinburgh continued to grow from that point on, but this was one of the later buildings which can be considered part of the New Town.

GuidoBute House Streetlights
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Site progress

Actually doing something …

Progress is – allegedly – the opposite of Congress. Today is the first sign of either since not long after I got this Wonders of WordPress hosting account.

I threw a bunch of images into the WordPress install, and called that “progress”. An update here and there, a bit of head-scratching over some page content, but not much progress since the last journal entry.

Procrastination instead of progress.

In the interim, I reworked images such as this one of South Leith Parish Church. The progress with this work is visible in the flag. Although, last time I looked at the spire the church was flying the Red Ensign.

GuidoSite progress
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Oh hello

Everything on the world wide web is really just a work in process.

Under construction signs are thus redundant.

GuidoOh hello
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