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Welcome to the Fawkes That! Gallery. If you like what you see, please do follow my Facebook page.

Getting the site started

I’ve a lot to do here on the site, so this will be more of a ‘work in progress’ than usual for a while. Thousands of photos to upload, galleries and ‘folios to assemble, and a scary amount of text to write.

At least I’ll end up with all the text for exhibition info-cards collected in one place. A place that’s not as disorganised as my computer filing system. Once the shop is open you could do me a favour – buy a print or two and help fund some decent external storage. Most of my preprint files are over 1 GB. I worked for 25+ years in IT, and know I’m currently playing Russian Roulette with some of my works and the rag-tag collection of external disks I use.

All sounds a bit “Starving Artist”, doesn’t it?

What’s the ‘secret sauce’

I could walk any competent photographer through the tools, and techniques, I use to create my works. But, the first thing I know is they’d dismiss the lot and go straight back to Photoshop. And, it’s ever-degrading jpegs.

My camera definitely looks like it has been through a war zone. You’ve heard the phrase, “one careful owner”? That’s not me. But, the prior owner did nothing with it.

I’ve taken a Canon EOS 400D and make A2+ fine art prints from the RAW images. Those monster prints are done by a local business, my own printing equipment is considerably more modest. I can do up to around A3 print size, and use 300gsm watercolour paper for my Artists’ Edition limited prints.

That “secret sauce”? Spending over four years learning the craft.

It’s not just photography. It’s taking what you point the lens at and getting it onto paper, screen – or, preferably, both.

I use Linux to do it all.

Where am I?

More to the point, where are all my marbles?

But, seriously, I live in Edinburgh. To be precise, in The People’s Republic of Leith. If you already guessed that, great; nice to meet someone who knows my part of our city and Scotland’s Capital.

I may blog/rant about the politics of that somewhat. But, don’t panic I’ll have a content feed that doesn’t include the politics; unless it’s funny, or I can illustrate it with one of my photographs.

I hope – because we have to – Edinburgh is the captial of a soon-to-be-Independent Scotland. The way Cruella DisMay and her 101 Damnations are running UK plc into the ground, I don’t think it’ll take long.

Think on that if you’re a “British Unionist“. 😉

Browse my portfolio

These are a few ‘showcase’ images. Might not be my best, but they’re new or images I particularly like.

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