This ‘little’ piece – “13th Floor Leithers” – is close to the limit of what I can produce panorama-wise. For now, that is,

It started life as 44 hand-held shots taken from the thirteenth floor of a Leith tower block. A couple of weeks later, and it’s a massive panoramic shot stretching from Hillend’s artificial ski slopes at one side to the three bridges across the Forth at the other.

When you see the actual printed – on canvas – final copy of this, you’ll agree that no online representation can properly do it justice. This is a piece you’ll get lost in for hours, picking out details you never noticed and buildings you suddenly recognise.

Of course, given the name, 13th Floor Leithers is very much a “blue hour” piece.

Right now, you can buy copies of this – on canvas – from the shop.

Guido13th Floor Leithers