From Castle to Grave

After taking an age to come up with a title for this piece, a twist on an old saying wandered through my mind. And, here we have Castle to Grave. Which you can own a fine art print copy of.

Yes, that is Edinburgh Castle. This is just a rather unusual angle which shows its narrowest profile. Even less obvious to the eye is that the view straddles the Old and New Towns. Taken from the graveyard of St Cuthbert’s, my base shots were in the New Town.

Castle to Grave leaves the ‘tail’ of the Royal Mile obscured. Here, as the Nor Loch was drained, the Old Town could not be eroded further than Castle Rock.

Creating this piece.

You might not guess from looking at Castle to Grave that it was taken in mid-September. According to the ‘propaganda’ of our southern neighbours, Scotland is a dreich hellscape by that time of year. Yet, here we have blue skies. Albeit, with a cloud formation trying to impersonate a nuclear blast.

You’ll find fine art copies of this over in the shop. If you’d like it in a different format, please get in touch.

GuidoCastle to Grave