Fettes College

The digital negatives which this piece come from are quite old now. I’d had an appointment at the nearby Western General hospital. Although it was early in February, I’d wandered round Comely Bank Cemetery before heading home. This view of Fettes College was too good to miss. But, I had to wedge my camera between the gates to take the shots.

That was back in 2015. I’ve an old print of this piece pinned to the wall, and it’s too dark. It wasn’t until two years later I produced the piece you see here.

For an obscure bit of trivia about Fettes College, Ian Fleming used it in the backstory for James Bond. This was first mentioned in You Only Live Twice, published in 1964.

Of course, James Bond is a fictional character. Were you to ask people to name someone who actually studied at Fettes College? The likely answer would be Tony Blair.

I doubt his former teachers could’ve imagined him going on to become Prime Minister. Or, backing an idiotic US President in a war based on fabricated evidence.

That’s quite enough about the alumni. Here are a few detailed excerpts from the high-resolution print. You can find the A1 Festival Ruby Anniversary poster in the shop too.

Your Fettes College

If you want to own a bespoke version, please get in touch. Let me know size, and budget. I’ll offer options and a quote including shipping. Copies can be provided on canvas. However these would only be shipped rolled, and without a frame to stretch over.

GuidoFettes College