Leith Depot

Leith Depot, near the bottom of The Walk, used to house the old tram depot.

This is another January 2018 image, so a reflection of where I’m at with my art. But, this piece isn’t finished yet. The round – in this view, whited out – sign for Leith Depot needs fixed. A much lower wattage bulb would’ve been ideal, but you can’t fix that after the fact.

Right now, all you can see is the hint of detail in the reflection of the sign on the wet paintwork. Yes, the paint was that fresh when I took the base photographs. The warning notices were – temporarily – hidden inside.

Nice to see Leith Depot keeping their business looking smart. Even if the whole block is at risk of being demolished.

Gigs in the upstairs bar of the Depot can be properly recorded. The Leith Recording Company are just next door, with a bunch of toys any sound engineer would be delighted to have.

Here’s a couple of detail extracts from the artwork. My target is always print, at over 300dpi resolution. So even these are significantly scaled down from the original digital artworks.

GuidoLeith Depot