Lindsay & Gilmour pharmacy

Lindsay and Gilmour have this delightful little shop on Elm Row. And, it’s been there since before the hedgerows separating it off from Gayfield Place were even planted.

I’m in the shop fairly regularly – since it’s the nearest pharmacy to my GP’s surgery. This image was captured on January 16th, 2018 around noon. It, and a similarly chocolate box finished view of Valvona & Crolla, kept me busy whilst convalescing.

In an ideal world, the windows of Lindsay and Gilmour would’ve been showing more-traditional medicinal products. Not being an ideal world, you’re getting a range of cold and flu products.

Here’s hoping I’m still around when their bicentenary rolls around. I know they’ve offices just off Leith Walk, where they’ve got a lot of old medical and medicinal paraphernalia. I’d be delighted to see the Elm Row shop window display done to show the pharmacy as it was those 200-odd years ago.

It’s not the only business in the vicinity approaching a 200th anniversary. But, it just happens to be the one likely to help me stick around that long.

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