Royal Terrace through the trees

This view of Royal Terrace is a departure from my usual styling. In producing this I’ve been quite heavy-handed in applying a watercolour look. It certainly goes well with the heavyweight watercolour paper I use for printing these.

Additionally, the look matches the feel of that time of year; which was mid-January. Besides, the gardens were rather dark. As any photographer will tell you, dark areas frequently present problems getting detail from them.

I’d always stress, my works are far better viewed in print form. Whilst this piece has been in storage for a while, you can now get a look at it in Joseph Pierce’s bar on Elm Row. Coincidentally, that’s just around the corner from Royal Terrace.

You’ll find a couple more excerpts from the print below. These are scaled down at least 20% from print size. In contrast, the full image is scaled down to less than 20% of original size.

If you’re only seeing 20% of the detail, wouldn’t it be worth going to see all of it? Particularly when I’m planning to print only 50 copies?

You’ll not find them in the online shop just yet. Whilst waiting, you could get in touch. I’m also happy to discuss bespoke prints. Yes, of just about any of my work. Poster prints – or on canvas – you’ll probably find it surprising what modern printers can do.

GuidoRoyal Terrace through the trees