The Cat’s Miaou

With an ink shortage sorted, here’s the finalised piece showing The Cat’s Miaou.

It’s a brightly-coloured little ship to start with. But, I wanted an age contrast between it and the surrounding buildings.

I’ve settled on a faded photograph look for the surround. On heavyweight watercolour paper, The Cat’s Miaou looks as if it has been painted over an old photo.

Detailed Excerpts – The Cat’s Miaou

These small crops from the final piece should give an idea of the detail level. Since my target medium is print, even these are scaled down before uploading to the web.

My own printing kit allows me to run off pieces around A3 sized. However, the detail levels in my work mean pieces can be printed as much as four or five times larger.

What they can then be printed on depends on the outside printers I use, MBE Edinburgh. They produced my large canvas panoramic, 13th Floor Leithers. It’s currently on display in Joseph Pierce’s in Edinburgh.

If you’d like to discuss getting a bespoke copy of The Cat’s Miaou – or any other of my works – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

GuidoThe Cat’s Miaou, Leith Walk