Valvona & Crolla

Valvona & Crolla is an Edinburgh institution everybody should visit at least once. Thankfully, it’s much bigger on the inside.

This view was captured less than five minutes after the one of Lindsay and Gilmour’s pharmacy further up Elm Row. Working on the principle people are going to be more-interested in an image of a deli than a chemist’s, I started on this one first.

My ‘first take’ on the shop ended up binned after the pharmacy view started taking shape. The petrol-like colouring of reflections on the wet paving slabs had to show in both views.

I just wish so many folk – including customers of Valvona & Crolla – wouldn’t spit out their gum on the pavement. It’s unsightly, and I refuse to edit it out of images.

For comparison, here’s Valvona & Crolla alongside Lindsay and Gilmour’s pharmacy.

The character of the subject tends to drive the artistic process for any image I produce. However, in some cases – like this one – I will redo a specific image to have a matching feel to another.

If you like this image, there are Fine Art prints of it available over in the shop. A framed copy is currently hanging in Joseph Pearce’s Bar alongside several other of my pieces.

GuidoValvona & Crolla