Panoramic images, as any photographer will tell you, are not always the easiest of things to put together. Even those of you with higher-spec mobile phones will know they’re not as simple to get right as appearances might suggest.

Panoramic images

Of course, they do make perfect Facebook cover images; so if that’s your thing, you can follow my page there. Although, the crops and downscaled versions on Facebook are heavily compressed. This loses detail you’ll see here. However, that’s still dramatically reduced from print quality.

As the old saw says: Seeing is Believing.

Now, some of the above panoramic images contain over 40 individual photographs. Those will have been selected from at least two or three times as many before even starting work.

The process of turning these into the digital artworks you see – and can own – may take weeks. Whilst your mobile phone might manage something like this image of Leith Library I took in 2012, it won’t do these. There will be smoke coming out of it – Samsung or otherwise – if you try to make images the size of these.

GuidoPanoramic images