Dublin Street corner – 12×16″ limited edition giclée


This signed, limited edition, giclée of A Dublin Street corner in Edinburgh is a 12×16″ print on heavyweight watercolour paper. As with all my artist’s editions of this size, it takes an hour simply to print a copy.

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Yes. I set out to play on the confusion in titling this piece A Dublin Street corner in Edinburgh. Why wouldn’t I?

Once each of these giclée prints is dry, they’re signed. The issue number and limit is written on; then, it’s sealed with a UV-resistant satin varnish.

A Dublin Street Corner in Edinburgh is one of my relatively early prints. Hence the issue being limited to 50 copies. A great deal of time went into making it so detailed; meaning the digital master is suitable for printing at very large sizes.

Prefer this in another format and can’t find it elsewhere in the shop? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m happy to work up a quote based on your budget.

Dublin Street

In Edinburgh, Dublin Street runs downhill from York Place, ending at Drummond Place. If you can find a citable reference for how it ended up named, I’d like to know.

It’s not a long walk from where the Edinburgh trams currently terminate to here, at the bottom of Dublin Street. Although, the walk back is a relentless uphill climb.

The branches in the top-right give a clue about when I took the photos for this piece. Look closer, and you’ll see the start of new buds.

It was late January in 2016. Turning the base photographs into this artwork kept me busy inside whilst nursing a nasty cold.

Of course, everybody notices the blocked off recesses for windows. Was it because of the Window Tax? I’ll let you try and figure that out. Perhaps you’ll come to a similar conclusion about taxation:

Those wealthy enough to write laws don’t like their income being known. However, the poorest in society must suffer the humiliation of their poverty exposed for all to see.

This isn’t the only place in Edinburgh with ‘missing’ windows. Keep an eye out for them.

Displaying your print

When producing a finished artwork, presentation is (almost) everything. For framing of my works, I mainly use Edinburgh Arts & Picture Framers.

You should always mount works behind glass. And, avoid any materials which might leech the colours. Getting a print professionally mounted and sealed into a frame will significantly extend its lifetime.

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 407 × 10 × 10 mm
Print dimensions

12" x 16" (305mm x 407mm), Other displayed dimensions are for packaging purposes only.


300gsm, 100% cotton, Fine Art Watercolour

Limited edition

Each copy is signed and numbered


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