Flying Scotsman at Abbey Mount


The Flying Scotsman at Abbey Mount.

Image captured (2018) just after the train has crossed the bridge between Abbey Mount and Holyrood Palace.

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Here’s the Flying Scotsman at Abbey Mount. A cheeky snap, captured through the railings stopping you getting onto the tracks, on the lower slopes of Calton Hill.

These prints are sufficiently detailed each takes over an hour to print; with this framed copy you’re looking at an ephemeral print. I.e a one-off copy.

Prefer this in another format and can’t find it elsewhere in the shop? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


I was lucky enough to catch this iconic locomotive on its way into Edinburgh Waverley.

You don’t even need to be a fan of steam trains to recognise the Flying Scotsman. Or, a fan of the engineering of its era. It’s always a delight to see these trains so well-maintained and still in use.

Speaking of seeing things, visiting Joseph Pierce’s bar at the foot of Elm Row is the only place you’re going to get to see this framed print.

Displaying your print

When producing a finished artwork, presentation is (almost) everything. For framing of my works, I mainly use Edinburgh Arts & Picture Framers. This ephemeral print of the Flying Scotsman was mounted by them. The frame, ‘salvage’ from a local charity shop.

You should always mount works behind glass. And, avoid any materials which might leech the colours. Getting a print professionally mounted and sealed into a frame will significantly extend its lifetime. As has been done here.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 800 × 600 × 50 mm
Print dimensions

18"x12", (other displayed dimensions are approximate and for packaging calculations)


300gsm, 100% Cotton, Fine Art Watercolour

Limited edition

Ephemeral (one off copy).


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